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Tsao Foundation jobs

Tsao Foundation
Care Manager (Nurse)
Tsao Foundation   via MyCareersFuture

- Roles & Responsibilities : Job Summary
Care Manager (Nurse) is responsible as an assessor, facilitator and advocate for the clients’ interest to meet operational targets of the Foundation and the funding authorities.

Main Responsibilities

Determine suitability of  client referrals as a team through initial screening in accordance with guidelines set by the Foundation and funding bodies
Conduct full assessment with  team social work in the areas of medical, nursing, social, financial    Read more

and psychological etc.
Identify related medical issues on decline functional, cognitive abilities and advocate early medical attention for client through appropriate intervention or referral
Facilitate the use of internal and external resources through appropriate linking of services to serve the basic support needs of the clients and families
Develop comprehensive client care plans and to carry out regular evaluation, ensuring recommended services are in place to meet the needs of the clients, families and caregivers
Provide health education to the clients and families to reduce medical complication and accident prevention, and monitor medication management and compliance, nutrition and diet etc.
Participate in regular client review discussions with other team members to evaluate care plans
Liaise with external agencies from government, social services and medical establishments to establish an effective network of care for the continuing care of the clients
Conduct termination reviews when required and provide relevant reports and referrals to facilitate the  clients’ discharge
Ensure care management activities meet regulatory requirements and ensure accurate and timely documentation and submissions of client reports
Participate in continuous quality improvement projects; lead outreach projects that promotes the  Foundation's cause and mission

Job Requirements

At least 5 years’ working experience as a registered nurse
Experience in taking care of  older adults esp. home care are preferred
Preferably has experience with manage peculiar old age health concerns and mobility challenges
Safety conscious and observant when dealing with patients
Be flexible, energetic and  able to multi-task
Mature with strong communication skills
Approachable and able to relate and build rapport with people regardless of their social status
Resourceful with critical thinking skills
Proficient in English and local dialects to communicate effective with clients who are mandarin and dialect speaking

Tsao Foundation
Programme Assistant (Dementia Care)
Tsao Foundation   via MyCareersFuture

- Roles & Responsibilities : Dementia Care Programme (DCS) serves to support elders with Dementia in their home.

Main Responsibilities:-

Engage Persons with Dementia (PWD) in meaningful activities during care planning sessions
Reinforce care-related Family/ Carer Education in tandem with the other team members
Provide inputs to the team on PWD’s interests and activities to develop  a personalised holistic care plan
Assists Staff Nurse in health monitoring (if required)
Assists Care Manager (Social Work)    Read more

in monitoring family / carer dynamics and stresses
Ensure proper handover of engagement & care activities to volunteers/ family members / helper / day care centres upon withdrawal of DCS service
Ensure outcome goals are set, reviewed and achieved during a prescribed period
Ensure patient care is aligned across the team which entails clear and timely communication
Ensure records are up to date in the assigned systems to align with team's understanding


Level 3 WSQ Certification in Community and Social Service (Senior Services)
Minimum 2 years of experience in engaging person with dementia in activities preferred
Prior exposure to eldercare/community care or volunteering experience
Preferably with community care experience and able to conduct independent home visits
Approachable, empathetic and able to relate and build rapport with clients regardless of social status

Tsao Foundation
Assistant Care Manager (Social Work)
Tsao Foundation   via MyCareersFuture

- Roles & Responsibilities : JOB PURPOSE:
To assist Care Managers in the implementation of care plans for clients to meet the Foundation’s mission and operational targets and providing interventions enabling the older person to live in optimal health.

Main Responsibilities

To conduct initial screening for new referrals; identify basic care needs through understanding of client’s care situations
To develop good rapport with clients; identify caregivers’ needs and support (with guidance from    Read more

care managers)
To support Para Care  Managers and other volunteers through coordination and administration of activities eg. house cleaning, home visits, etc.
To coordinate Care Management functions
To support in monitoring client’s health via calls, escorts to access services,      review of financial conditions etc.
To participate in continuous quality improvement project
To uphold ethical support to clients

Other competencies

Be a team player in a multi-disciplinary team setting
Ability to perform basic social screening
Strong inter-personal and people skills
Good communication skills with people of different levels
Has a penchant for working with elderly and conducting home visits 


Diploma in Social Services; Counselling or equivalent preferred
Minimum with WSQ Level 4 Professional Diploma on Community Services (Senior Service); Certificate in Counselling
Preferably with 2-3 years working experience in relevant field of social services